I began working for ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism) in 2005 as a Donor Services Associate. Initially I was hired to process automatic donations received by credit card and ACH, but the role quickly grew to include running our receipting process within the database and providing customer service support to our donors. When my husband and I had our daughter in 2008, I transitioned to very part time and worked with Donor Services as a troubleshooter, identifying data integrity issues and attempting to solve them. In 2018, I started working part-time for our IT department as a Data Analyst, primarily focusing on data integrity projects and list management. In 2021, I transitioned once again back to full-time, this time serving on a newly-created team called Software Projects. I've retained my role as Data Analyst and have the privilege of working alongside an amazing team. Since our team formed, we have been able to fully implement Rock RMS, as of July 2022. I have discovered that, with Rock, I will never stop learning!